J.D. Graziano Testimonial

Before coaching with Troy at EMS Flight Safety Network, I was all over the internet looking for information about air ambulance programs. I thought I had a plan for getting the job I wanted, but I really didn’t know what information was important and what information was junk.”

Half way through my coaching with Troy, I started to realize my dream of flying really was possible.

Every time I had doubts, Troy would explain how flight programs handled the part of the process I was stuck on. It calmed me down and built my confidence step by step.”

Having completed Flight Safety Network coaching, I know it’s just a matter of time and experience to start my first flight job. What I learned is that earning a flight job is a process.

I don’t need to know every single thing about every program or helicopter! I just need to follow the system. The whole thing is embedded in my brain. And I can’t wait to get flying.

J.D. Graziano Paramedic B.A., FP-C, CCEMT-P Iowa City, IA April 19, 2017