Gail Terry Testimonial

Before I found Troy and EMS Flight Safety Network I was a nervous wreck about my flight interview.

I read books and researched online forums but Troy and EMS Flight Safety Network beat them all. I now feel excited about sharing my past experience in a flight interview and getting on with my air ambulance career.

I am no longer in a state of continual worry. EMS Flight Safety Network coaching program really helped me. Troy gets it. He took the time to listen to my personal situation and teach his interview mastery course in a way that made sense to me. And that’s what really matters! That I understand it and know how to use it. It has taken such a load off my mind.

Now I can relax and know I am going into my interviews completely prepared.

Gail Terry Masters, Public Health, EMT-P; Flight Paramedic, Respiratory Therapist, Fernandina Beach, FL June 6, 2018